5 sports for fast weight loss

 5 sports for fast weight loss

Have you imperceptibly gained a lot of weight? Don’t worry. Weight gain can be easily lost, as long as you choose a proper diet or follow a lighter diet while exercising.

Here are sports for fast weight loss:


Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports for fast weight loss. Swimming requires more energy than skiing or walking in the mountains. It loads all muscle groups at the same time, and each of them has different energy needs. The calories you can burn in an hour depending on the swimming style you choose.

Weight and speed are also important, but generally speaking, a person who weighs 70 kilograms and swims for 1 hour can burn between 600 and 900 calories. The things you need if you decide to lose weight by swimming are a swimsuit, swimming cap, goggles, flip flops, a pool card, free time, and a desire to get wet.

Jumping rope

Rope jumping is often overlooked as a type of exercise, and it is one of the best sports for fast weight loss. The cost of a jump rope is very low and you can take it with you anywhere, thus saving money on a sports team or gym entrance.

This activity can be extremely fun if you approach with enthusiasm. Change the steps and set goals for the number of jumps or time. It may seem confusing and tiring at first, but don’t give up. Be patient, because you can’t get perfect from the first workout.

Jumping rope will improve your coordination and endurance and help you burn a lot of calories. If you manage to do 100 jumps in one minute, you will burn approximately 800 calories in about 1 hour. In the beginning, you can start doing several sets, each lasting 20-60 seconds, until your body gets used to the new activity.


Riding a static bike in the gym is certainly not the most exciting way to burn excess fat, but it is one of the most effective. In addition, you can adjust the load level and go at a time convenient for you, without taking into account the climatic conditions.

It is likely that having other people in the gym will encourage you to exercise more diligently than if you are alone or at home. With an exercise bike, you can burn about 950 calories in an hour if you set it to a higher load level and are not afraid to sweat.


You have probably never thought about this type of workload, especially if you are a woman, but do not be discouraged. In most modern kickboxing clubs there are training groups that are tailored to the level of progress. Even if you are a complete beginner, coaches will come up with the right load for you.

If you think that you will be admitted to a sparring match in the second training session, you are cruelly mistaken. You will go through many cardio workouts, endurance exercises, balance, and technique before you get acquainted with the essence of this martial sport. The good news is that even if you don’t become a world champion, you can burn about 700 calories in one hour of training.

Winter sports

If you want to keep your good figure in the colder days of the year, start practicing winter sports and you may be surprised how many calories you will burn.

  • Cross-country skiing trains almost the whole body. Tightens the arms, back, chest, abdomen, buttocks, and legs.
  • Ice skating is also an excellent sport for weight loss. In just 1 minute on the ice rink, you will burn 20 calories and also improve your coordination.
  • Ice hockey is a winter sport for people who are attracted to an extreme and high adrenaline. An hour of skating will burn approximately 470 calories. Hockey helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and improves flexibility.
  • Skiing or snowboarding will put a lot of strain on the thighs and calves. For one hour of sports on the tracks, you will burn 450 calories.

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