Code Orange: Say goodbye to the summer

 Code Orange: Say goodbye to the summer

With the onset of autumn, it may be time to remove the neon color palette from your wardrobe and replace it with an orange shade suitable for colder weather.

Burgundy, chocolate brown, warm gray, and dark olive are a few examples of the most classic colors for the upcoming season. But to truly experience the aesthetics of autumn, your wardrobe also needs a few orange outfits.

Orange has always had a reputation for bold color. Put it on, as if your self-confidence rises and you are ready for any feats. If you’ve ever avoided color because you feared it would look like a big pumpkin, you’re definitely missing out on the fun.

Yes, an orange shirt, sweater, pants, or an overall ensemble may seem difficult to wear, but a few social media celebrities are showing us how to be fashionable this fall. Even if your schedule for next season includes staying home, now is the time to experiment with outfits and see that there is nothing wrong with this color.

Something simple

Autumn is almost synonymous with “sweater time”, which means that we will reach for knitting in any color. Take a comfortable orange sweater from your wardrobe (or buy one if you don’t have one) and pair it with your favorite jeans and shoes. You can even include in your look a pumpkin drink, which is very popular in October.

Orange on orange

When combined correctly, there is no such thing as too much orange. The key is to layer the added shades to this bright color so that the end result looks good and is not too flashy. For example, you can choose a sweater in peach color and put an orange jacket on it. Finish your look with gray, black or white pants and shoes in a soft color scheme.

The bold choice

Want to make a real impression in the office or on public transport? Pair an orange blouse with dark green pants (or maybe vice versa) for a more dynamic look. Since these bold colors are quite noticeable, you better cut down on the accessories and bet on something simple. Choose plain shoes and a fine clutch.

orange sweater
Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

Comfortable but stylish

The best outfit is the one that is comfortable for us, but at the same time stylish. It can be worn anywhere – on a romantic date, in the office or among friends. If you can’t wait to bet on such a style in the fall, we have an offer for you.

Pair a casual orange sweater with baggy leather pants or trousers if the days are warmer. The combination of something comfortable and something formal makes the look look perfect and attract attention. For extra color, you can put some of your favorite lipstick on your lips.

Back to the office

If your workplace obliges you to be a little more formal, bet on a dress that is entirely in orange. Wear a blouse, pants, and blazer from this range, completing your look with black heeled shoes. If this looks too glowing, you can put a black blazer on your blouse.

Orange accessories

No matter what color your outfit is, orange accessories will always suit you. If you are not ready to dress from head to toe in one color, then put a scarf, hat, or bag from this range.

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