Colleagues – friends or enemies

 Colleagues – friends or enemies

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Whether you love your job also depends a lot on what your colleagues are like and if they are your friends or enemies.

Two great elements to be friends with your work team in the office – common interests and many hours spent together. Collegial relationships are a golden rule for the ideal work environment, but a balance in the relationship between colleagues cannot always be achieved. You can make a real friendship with your colleague, and why not an intimate relationship, but it is just as easy to become real enemies with your colleagues.

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You spend an average of 8 hours a day at work, and that’s where you can most easily socialize and turn your colleagues into your friends. In the process of work, there are inevitably a lot of personal conversations that help you get to know your colleagues as well as you. Maybe you would like some of your colleagues more than the others. And this is followed by friendly dates, which, however, are noticed by other colleagues and are sometimes the reason for the degradation of official relations and the creation of enemies.

No one likes closed societies (they cause irritation and envy among others), so maybe it’s better if you make friends with a colleague from another department. And with colleagues from yours to be just In a good relationship. Otherwise, you may have to choose between friendship and career. As everyone strives for progress in the work, respectively there is a competition between colleagues-friends and this bothers the performance of their duties and their non-employment relationships. You may be criticized or, in the worst case, fired for disregarding your responsibilities at the cost of your collegial friendship.

And if your long-time friend has recently become your colleague, it is best to leave your friendships for after work, and the workplace to be an environment designed for work, business conversations, and so on. Do not confuse your emotions, problems, etc. with work, because arguing with a friend who is also your colleague will surely break your professionalism and ability to work.

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You probably already know about the benefits of this type of relationship. It’s good when you have a valuable colleague and friend at work you can count on. However, in case you are still too distant from the people you work with, you may need to know the five reasons to be friends with your colleagues. Here they are:

They will make your life easier

Double the amount of information in the workplace is always beneficial. In this way you will be acquainted not only with what you learn, but also with the news that your friends have understood. Not to mention how useful it is to be friends with a colleague when starting a new job. However, it’s always nice to have someone to introduce you to the work environment and share “kitchen secrets” with you. For example, what does the boss really care about in terms of work, what is the unspoken code of organization in the office, etc.

They will improve your efficiency

Research shows that friendships in the workplace increase productivity. On the other hand, the lack of social support in the office doubles the risk of depression. And which depressed and unhappy person is efficient and productive enough at work?

Colleagues understand your worries and successes well

When two people share the same interests and work on the same project, they have another reason to rely more on each other. In addition, no one understands your worries in the workplace better than your fellow colleague. The same goes for success. Unfortunately, here the family remains in the background because no other person close to you is so well acquainted with the nature of your work, can not put himself in your place, and empathize with your emotions so well.

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They are your second family

You spend a lot of time together with them, you struggle, you make an effort, sometimes you celebrate and of course, you talk a lot. You often share as much information with your colleagues as you do with your real friends outside the office.

They can become friendships outside the work environment

It is not impossible to maintain a good friendship with a colleague, even after you do not work together. Even though you are no longer connected to work, you can still be friends. Even sometimes this strengthens the relationship even more, as absolutely all the barriers you had during your work together fall away.

How to get the most out of friendships in the workplace

  • Focus on helping each other, not analyzing other colleagues, or complaining about your boss. In most cases, you have no power over the decisions of superiors or the behavior of other colleagues, but you have power over your own reactions and attitudes.
  • Take time to move the friendship out of the work environment. Sometimes after work, you can go out in the company of your colleagues with whom you are friends. You all need to be “dismissed” from work. During these meetings, it is even advisable not to talk about things related to the workplace.
  • Don’t take offense when your former colleagues show no interest in seeing you. Apparently, according to them, you were mostly connected by work. However, you have other friends to look out for.

You can’t be in a perfect relationship with everyone in the office, but it’s more important not to be in a bad relationship. Avoid conflicts with colleagues and try to resolve conflicts with them in time, because once you make enemies in the workplace, you risk falling into a vicious circle of intrigue and problems that naturally have a very negative impact on your work and reputation.

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