The art of breathing

 The art of breathing

Breathing is such a simple process that its true meaning is very easy to be ignored.

In fact, most people have even forgotten how to breathe properly. This, unfortunately, can have huge consequences for our health and happiness.

For thousands of years, people have used simple breathing exercises, but they have had a huge effect on their bodies and minds. Proper breathing can relieve chronic pain, help people suffering from anxiety, cope with this condition, stop stress, and even depression.

Breathing, that is, taking in oxygen with lungs and exhalation – excretion of carbon dioxide, frees the body and the blood. With one inhalation, a person fills two eyes with the capacity of their hands. Full deep breathing causes higher hydration, that is, higher quality cleansing.

Respiration is a form of eating. In order to function, the body must be filled with oxygen. It has been proven that without food it can survive up to 1 month, without water for about a week, but without air, the human organism cannot survive. Breathing is a supportive, vital process.

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The constant breathing of fast-paced mouths excites the brain and suppresses the consciousness. Therefore, yoga specialists emphasize proper breathing as the first step towards achieving spiritual renewal. If we change our breathing habits, we can change the very pattern of our lives. If we want to breathe deeply, we will feel and we will look much better. Full deep breathing calms down, reduces complexes.

The right way to deal with stress without relying on and dependent on harmful medications is meditation, the cornerstone of which is proper breathing. Through it, we purify our thoughts, stop stress and depression, and awaken the dormant creativity in us.

Breathing should not be short and intermittent, but deep. This is done so that oxygen can fill our lungs and get enough of it for the normal functioning of our body. A good supply of oxygen to our brain stops our anxiety and depression. It is good to take deep breaths at least five times a day for at least two minutes. The results will amaze you.

Full breathing

  • Place your palms on the chest. Exhale deeply.
  • Breathe slowly, overnight, until the air is filled with air (up to 5).
  • Continue to inhale slowly, beating once more to 5, dilate the chest until it is full of air.
  • Hold your breath and go to 5 again.
  • Exhale very slowly through the night, count to 10, bend your stomach until the exhale is completely exhaled from the air.

This type of deep breathing brings a greater amount of oxygen to the respiratory system and is very useful to do several times a day. The person, even if he is strong, restrained, repressed, only 2-3 minutes after these exercises, feels refreshed and even rested.

Cleansing breathing

  • Breathe as much as you can and expand your body.
  • With a gentle movement, pull the camera and exhale the air through the night.

The cleansing breath frees the hands from the previous sufferers and helps them to get rid of them. It helps the diaphragm and the muscles. It is recommended to wake up after waking up as an invigorating experience. Every breath takes no more than 4 seconds. The exercise is repeated 10 times without a break and must be performed rhythmically. In the end, take one deep, full breath.

Toning breathing

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  • Put your hands on the chest. Exhale deeply.
  • Breathe slowly through the night until the air is filled with air.
  • Tighten the path as far as it will go. Hold your breath.
  • Slowly move the paths upwards, twisting the legs in the hump and lowering them.
  • Exhale heavily for the first breath.
  • Exercises are performed 10 times.

Toning breathing is extremely useful – it calms the nerves, reduces fatigue, gives energy.

Breathing for improvement of the lungs

  • Breathe slowly through the night (up to 5).
  • Hold your breath as much as possible.
  • Exhale the first breath with all your might through an open mouth.
  • Breathe deeply through the night.
  • Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Exhale the first breath 3 times with the help of force.

These exercises clear the white matter and help to expand the chest. They do it 3 times a day, 10 times in a row.

Breathing during dizziness

According to the condition of the patient, he is lying down, lying down or standing.

  • Close one nostril, inhale through the free one.
  • Close the other nostril, exhale through the open one.
  • The exercises are repeated 10 times in succession.

In addition to lightning, they also help with migraine.

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Another effective technique for proper breathing is to take a light breath with your nose and mouth and then release it very slowly. It stimulates the nervous system and creates a feeling of calm. This way of breathing restores hormonal balance, calms the heart rhythm, makes us think more clearly, and frees us from negative thoughts. You can apply it anywhere and constantly. With this technique, you will feel yourself.

The main reason for improper breathing is our stagnant lifestyle. Most people spend all day distorted behind work desks. Sitting compresses the organs important for breathing, such as the diaphragm, abdomen, and intercostal muscles. Inhibited in this way, the organs become tired, tension is created in them, which can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, and cramps.

To eliminate the pain, it is good to stand up at least once an hour in a chair with your back stretched back and inhale sharply, and then very slowly exhale. Exercise is most effective when we do it upright, but it also works when we are sitting.

Dietary exercises are necessary for the creation and development of respiratory habits. Proper breathing – this is a counteraction to the sighing of the air from the increasing amount of pedestrians, paws, clothes. Dietary exercises help a person to improve the quality of breathing, which leads to a decrease in the vital functions of the body, the body.

Some people claim that the technique of proper breathing can give even spiritual enlightenment, but it is an individual process. For those who do not seek nirvana, the right way of breathing will bring positive emotions, focus and good motivation for the crazy world in which we live today.

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